Game Season

16th Oct 2018

Whats Great Right Now?

As chefs we see the seasons through food. Seasonal food is all about using ingredients at their peak. Spring is fresh and in my head tastes clean & very green. Summer conjures up lots of vibrant colour and sweetness. Autumn is earthy and nutty. winter is a time to cuddle up to rich deep flavours, everything served with gravy would be my personal heaven.

What Are We Doing?

We are just about to release our Autumn menu and as ever it will feature lots of Game. Game is very important to us and to the local area. Leicestershire is well renowned with the shooting fraternity and in the 15 years we have been here it has featured heavily on our menus. I currently have one swimmer and 2 flyers on the menu, Mallard duck, Pigeon & Partridge, the garnish changes daily as we go through the glut of harvest time, but expect to see it paired with autumnal fruit and nuts like Chestnut & Quince or Walnut & Pear, classic simple flavours that work in harmony with the seasons

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