Bradgate Park Venison now on the menu

27th Nov 2016

For the last few months, we have buying our Venison directly from the rangers at Bradgate park, at just 12 miles from our own doorstep, it certainly fits in with our local produce ethos, the quality of the meat is outstanding, it’s an underused meat that we feel needs to be showcased,

The deer are culled in a controlled shoot, not a commercial sporting shoot, this helps to maintain the correct balance within the park and helps to maintain the overall health of the herd

Because the deer are wild animals, their diet is completely natural, they have no interaction from vets, so they will never have antibiotics or any other drugs in their system, venison is low in fat & therefore one of the healthiest meats you can buy.

Although we buy the meat aged at about 1 week, we dry age it ourselves for another 2 weeks, this improves the flavour and texture of the meat, but won’t taste too gamey

we will be serving it a number of different ways, in this dish we braised the rib meat and stuffed it into a crispy brik pastry tube, we slow roasted the rump to pink, and served it with some black cabbage from our friends at the Fruit basket who grow a number of vegetables for our menu & a saute of wild mushrooms, simple, but very delicous



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