Mudigliza Maury – France, Fortified Chilled Red Wine With Prunes, Mocha

Dorgo Tokaji – Hungary, Flavours Of Honeyed Fruits

Petit Guiraud Sauternes 2013 – France, Sweet Apricot, Dates & Raisin Fruit Flavours

Zuleta Pedro Ximenez Sherry – Spain, Lasting Nutty & Caramel Notes

Oliver Zeter – Pfalz, Germany, Apricot & Nougat

Bareito Madeira – Portugal, Single Harvest Aged for 14yrs, Orange Leaf & Raisin

Pineau Des Charentes – France, A Blend Of Cognac, Merlot  & Cabernet Savignon, Aged for 7yrs For A Sweet Rich Finish

Porto Niepoort, Ruby Dum, Tawny Dee– Portugal, Harvested Together With One Aged Longer For A More Mature & Rounded Flavour As Opposed To The Younger Stronger

All served as a 50ml measure